Brandon C. Smith

Redwoodtwig Art Garden Studios

I also work with hanging sculpture (mobiles), Permaculture, and Tai Chi Chuan. I am available for commission work as a photographer, although not weddings.

Writing with light

My artistic vision centers on the portrait, in a very wide sense of the word. For me a portrait captures the essence of a person, event, animal, thing or place. Sometimes that means "truth", a crisp and clear picture that shows exactly and precisely what is there. At other times that means "beauty", a composition that brings out or displays the best of what is there. And once in a while it means "art", where the image evokes awe and wonder in the viewer.

My fine art portfolios is where I share my art photos, the ones suitable for printing and using to decorate a wall.
I also have a small collection of images of art created by local artists at other artist's work.
If you are a photographer, you may find my shoot notes have something interesting or helpful.

Light Painting

Jump Visitors approach
These are captures of people dancing with lights. Sometimes I catch the person, sometimes just the dancing lights.

Portaits and Portfolio work

Navajo Pepper Serenity hidden woman
I am available for portrait and portfolio sessions at your location or in my studio located just of 63 about 20 miles south of Columbia, Missouri or 10 miles north of Jeff City. Contact me for rates and availability.